What Thieves Are Most After in Homes

Here are some sobering stats from the FBI: A robbery occurs every 1.6 minutes in the U.S., a burglary every 18.2 seconds, and a larceny theft every 5.4 seconds.

SafeHome, a home security systems reviews resource, analyzed FBI Uniform Crime Reporting data from 2015 to determine the items thieves most commonly target.

The most stolen items were classified as miscellaneous valuables, jewelry, and precious metals, according to the report. In some states, certain thefts were more common than others. For example, in Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, and Colorado, thieves were more likely to target diamonds, gold, silver, and other jewelry. Meanwhile, clothing was the most stolen items in seven states, including California and Tennessee.

Burglary is the unlawful entry of a place, such as a home or office. Burglaries don’t just happen at night, either: The report shows that assailants broke in during daytime hours or evening hours at the same rate. In fact, burglaries that occurred during daytime hours tended to result in a higher loss than those that occurred at night, according to the report.



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