Thinking of retiring in Durango, Colorado?

By the Numbers

  • Population: 16,936
  • Median home cost: $333,700
  • Cost of living: 23% higher than average
  • Unemployment: 7.8%
  • Source: Sperlings Best Places


Quaint towns of fewer than 20,000 are not usually known for their restaurant scenes. But Durango is home to more eateries per capita than foodie favorite San Francisco, according to the Durango Area Tourism Office. Oprah's former personal chef even opened up a restaurant there called The Palace. Dubbed "City of Brewerly Love," Durango also has a fair number of local beers. To work off all those calories, retirees often head to the surrounding San Juan Mountains -- which have stellar hiking and mountain biking -- as well as to the Animas River, which is known for its kayaking (check out those Class V rapids) and fly fishing (trout for dinner, anyone?), experts say. In addition, Durango has an active senior center and a number of senior groups like Senior Outdoors, says Ann Kline, a spokesperson for the Durango Area Tourism Office. Retirees like the climate, she says: Unlike higher-elevation towns, the days in winter in Durango often hover around the 40s or even 50s and there's less snow than much of the rest of the state.

Being on the most interesting small towns in Colorado, Durango has so much to offer. From the beautiful views, outdoor activities and colorful festivals year round, how could one get bored in this small but vibrant town in southwestern Colorado?

Whether you want to be an active retiree and are full of energy to experience what the rest of life has to offer or want to relax and reflect as you enjoy your golden years, Durango is the place to be.

Here are some reasons why retiring in Durango should be in your life goals:

  • Perfect climate and 4 seasons

    • Durango is smack dab in the middle of the transition from a high-desert to a high-alpine climate, and as a result you couldn’t ask for more perfect weather than what you will find in Durango. We are home to an average of 300 sunny days a year (more than Florida) and summer time average temperatures hovering around a comfortable 85 degrees, while winter produces blue skies and mild weather; average temperatures are in the 20’s.

  • Convenient access to 5 major ski areas.

    • Even if you aren’t going to be skiing, who doesn’t love a trip to the ski resort and enjoying a cup of hot cocoa but the fire?

  • With the Animas River flowing through the center of town, fishing, rafting and walking along the river trail are popular activities.

  • World famous for its outdoor activities options, such as hiking and golfing you are bound to enjoy the views no matter what activity you choose.

  • The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad is always a popular excursion showcasing the best sights you’ll see!

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider retiring in Durango. Take one trip and you’ll be searching for that perfect dream home!

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