It's spring time and with the spring cleaning home improvement projects are often on people's minds.

As a Realtor I get this questions all the time - what home improvements actually pay off when I sell my home?

First off, I'm a firm believer that you should improve the home for your own enjoyment rather than for future resale. And basic maintenance - like making sure the roof doesn't leak, the home is dry and well kept up - are the most important. That being said, the intrinsic value of the home comes mostly from the location, lot size, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms. So the best thing you can do to add value is generally adding a bathroom or a bedroom of both.

Now that doesn't mean that granite counters and a steam shower or the beautiful landscaping job won't pay off. There's all kinds of different buyers with different wants and needs. A lot depends on the neighborhood, the average home prices and the market in general.

I'm happy to stop by and have a look and discuss what may or may not help with the sale. I love talking about real estate and helping you get your home sold. No commitment, if you're not ready to sell no problem. Call or text me at (970) 749-3555.

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