As a real estate professional I keep getting the same questions:

How's the market?

Should I sell my house now of wait?

Is it a good time to buy?

It’s completely understandable as for most people their home is their largest investment. Sadly though, consumers are getting incorrect answers via inaccurate market statistics (can you say Zestimate?), which makes my job a bit less fun as I need to re educate and sometimes correct the misinformation. For example, Zillow may report the zestimate of a house as $200,000 more than it's worth, imagine the disappointment of the sellers when they find out the real value.

What you really need are simple, easy-to-understand insights. For starters I recommend signing up for my bi-weekly market snapshot email here:

And if you're seriously considering selling or are just curious, give me a call, I love to talk about real estate and it's my business to know what's going on in our market. Call or text Claudia 970 749 3555.

Finally - a brief answer to these three questions as relating in general to Durango intown property under $500,000 or so:

1. How's the market? It's become a seller's market with multiple offers on well-priced properties. Call me to find out what constitutes "well-priced". Rural properties are catching up too but more of a buyer's market still.

2. Should I sell my house now? I would say it depends on your situation. If you're wanting to move now is a great time.

3. Is it a good time to buy? Yes, interest rates are still low and the market seems to be moving up.